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Operating Instructions and Useful Tips


Our Products

Our samplers are manufactured of high quality materials designed to last for years. We have enough confidence in our products to offer a 2 (Two) Year replacement or repair warranty.

It is unlikely your sampler will fail, however, if it does, contact us immediately for repair or replacement - 1-844-347-2461


Time for Change

Pennies can quickly add up to dollars and in these times or any other time providing your grain buyer an accurate sample of your stored grain can give him the opportunity properly analyse it and find opportunities for markets. 

It gives him an opportunity to identify farm stored quality and extend his inventory. He can't sell it if he doesn't know you have it.


Can you afford to use the scoop and pail?

Every other piece of equipment on your farm is a modern high-tech wonder.  The ancient technology pictured above is costing you money and missed delivery opportunities.  And, it is about your "Brand". You sell the quality you presented when sampled with our equipment.

Features / Instructions for Use


Mounts Easily

Your sampler comes with a pre-drilled mounting plate identical to your auger's inspection or service plate on the side of boot just above the main flighting. No need to drill or cut your auger for mounting, just undo a nut or two and your sampler is mounted.

Easily Adjustable

Your sampler can be adjusted for the size of each sample as well as the number of samples taken as the grain goes through the auger.

When you mounted your sampler you will have noticed a polymer cup with a cut-away on the end of the delivery tube. This "cup" can be rotated to open or close the size of the opening to gather a larger sample or account for seed size.

Beside the lighted switch is a knob to adjust the rotation speed of the delivery tube. A higher rate of rotation will provide more smaller samples, which is the desired setting. However, if you want a large sample from a relatively small load you can turn the "Cup" to open the delivery tube and slow down your sampler with the speed adjustment.

Sample Handling

Typically you will want your sampler to provide you with 5-8 litres of sample from each load. More is better than less. Thouroghly handmix this sample when the load is dumped and scoop out a sample that represents the amount of the load you just dumped, throw the rest back in the auger hopper. Depending on the size of bin and the truckload sizes you will want to end up with 10 - 15 litres of sample in your "Bin" pail.

Example: Hauling to a 5000 bushel bin with tandem trucks will take 9 - 10 loads to fill the bin. If you want to end up with 15 litres of sample you will need a litre and a half scooped from the mixed truck sample. 

You can adjust the sample you are adding to the "Bin" pail by the truck configuration. A 5 axle grain trailer will double the tandem's load (3 scoops), a tridem (3 1\2 scoops.) Super B (6 scoops)

Following this procedure will give an excellent representative sample (Your wife can find you an empty 1 litre container and probably has lots of spares)


There is no  maintenance required, however, over time the internal tube's sample size adjustment cup will collect dust and may plug under wet harvest conditions. If your sample volume is not the same as when you adjusted it, simply remove the sampler and clean away the deposits.